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Hello, I'm Jack

A digital product designer with over a decade of experience shaping tricky design challenges into thoughtful, detailed and supremely-crafted solutions.

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Latest work

Currently designing a variety of B2B SaaS solutions with McKinsey & Company. For a proper look at some work please get in touch to request case studies.

  1. 01

    Design system adopted by suite of enterprise solutions

    Prizm Design System
  2. 02

    Insights driven optimisation of marketing spend

    Marketing Efficiency for Growth
  3. 03

    Design sprint for validating customer experience analysis

    Customer Experience Accelerator
  4. 04

    Collaborative plans and forecasts for retailer promotions

    Promotion Advisor
  5. 05

    Mobile approvals workflow for B2B initiative tracking

    WAVE Mobile

Personal projects

If you’re wondering what makes me tick, you’ll find some experiments with clocks and a budding appetite for the botanical. Expressing my creative spark with hand-coded, playful side projects that feed a curiosity for developing new skills and discovering new things.